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1 June 2017
带上萌宝出街当然少不了为你的萌宝打扮得潮潮的。要为自己的心肝宝贝打造具有个性又独特的时尚感,除了服装鞋子之外怎么能少得了时尚搭配物品——包包。你还在给你的宝宝使用雷同无特色的包包吗?满街都是疺闷毫无特色的包包,如何凸显出宝宝的个性美? 最火红的儿童包包,让你的宝宝们走在潮流尖端!时尚名人都在用了,你还在等什么呢?...
1 June 2017
1 June 2017
What comes to your mind at the thought of choosing a bag for your kid? Durable material with cute design? What about those on sale that seemed just fine for...

NOHOO work with innovation design and high quality to serve the global market. They provide safe, comfortable, fun product to the children all over the world.

NOHOO have got 40 Design & Innovation awards at home and abroad, awarded by REDDOT(Germany) and IF(Germany).

NOHOO is a manufacturer of neoprene products, specialized in environmental friendly children bag and other bags products with strong technical force.

Our team is always seeking global cooperative agents to expand the market, and they are quite confident to get your trust as of rich experience. After years of development, their business has extended to many countries in Europe, America, Asia, etc.

Neoprene - A Unique Material

NOHOO is the first factory to use neoprene as the material of children bag in China. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber produced by polymerization of chloroprene.

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